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Businesses Beware: "Temporary Layoffs" Can Cost You ** In no way do the concepts in this blog constitute legal advice or are intended to for such purposes. All contents of this blog are the sole property of Aaron Miller . Businesses Beware: "Temporary Layoffs" Can Cost You   As of late, my practice has come across the following issue: how can businesses go about employee layoffs in the best possible way? The answer to this might not be so simple. Although there is a common conception in Ontario that layoffs and business are "pen and parcel" with each other, there is an overwhelming grey area here which continuously eludes businesses. For example, in Ontario, many businesses, particularly small to medium size businesses, often do not realize that where an Employment Agreement/Contract does not include layoff provisions, laying off an employee can be the equivalent of wrongful dismissal. As businesses know, the words "wrongful dismissal" automatically ring the "Code