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Businesses Beware: Contrary to Belief, Ontario's New Layoff Provisions Will Not Prevent "Laid-Off" Employees from Suing

Image ** The contents of this blog article are the sole property of Aaron Miller, Barrister & Solicitor. The contents here cannot be used elsewhere without the express permission of Aaron Miller and are not intended to provide legal advice or constitute a legal retainer. As if life during the pandemic hasn't been confusing enough! During the past several months, much has been made of the Ontario government's new regulations when it comes to employee layoffs. If you can recall, earlier in the Summer, the Ford government made some noteworthy "tweaks" to the normal definition of layoffs in Ontario. Previously, the Province's employment law mostly allowed layoffs to last no longer than 13 consecutive weeks. Instead, for the past few months now, the ordinary Ontario definition of "layoff" has been broadened considerably. In fact, as it stands, the Ford government has allowed employee layoffs to be considered "emergency leav