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Need Your Wedding Deposit Back? What You Need To Know About Frustration of Contract

Image ** The contents of this blog are in no way indicative of a lawyer-client relationship and are not intended to provide legal advice. All contents of this blog are the direct property of Aaron Miller, Barrister & Solicitor. Recently, several clients have been asking me about something that many of you might be aware about: What happens when I already paid my wedding deposit and the wedding venue/band/photographer is refusing to give it back after I was forced to cancel/postpone my wedding due to COVID-19? As a business lawyer , as well as an employment lawyer , this is an area of the law that I have a lot of experience in. In short, there is no one answer, but if a wedding-related contract is not drafted properly, it could easily excuse a customer from the contract, and entitle her/him to her/his deposit back.   According to Ontario law, when you enter a wedding-related contract, you are expecting the wedding venue/band/photographer to perform .