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My Condo Neighbours Are Making Too Much Noise: Can The Condo Board Kick Them Out?

Image ** The contents of this blog are the sole property of Aaron Miller, Barrister & Solicitor , and may not be reproduced without its express permission. The contents of this blog are not intended to provide legal advice or constitute a legal retainer. Here's something that many condo owners or tenants in Ontario have faced: what to do about the noisy neighbour? When it comes to a noisy neighbour in a condo complex, noise can often come from a variety of factors. Noise may derive from loud music, constant bickering between multiple people, TVs or sound speakers at abnormally high volumes and more. Although many condo residents can tolerate a certain degree of noise, there often comes a boiling point. Oftentimes, when this boiling point does happen, my experience as a condo lawyer often sees the condo board facing the brunt of resident complaints. This then begs the following question: can the condo board/corporation lawfully evict a "nois

Condo Cost Sharing Agreements: What Do They Really Mean?

Image ** The contents of this article are the sole property of Aaron Miller, Barrister & Solicitor, and may not be used elsewhere without its permission. The contents reflect the author's opinion, and are not meant to convey legal advice or constitute a lawyer-client retainer. If you are a condo owner or a condo board member, you might b e familiar with the following terms: "Phase 1", "Phase 2", etc. To make it clear, this sort of language is often used to designate multiple condo corporations representing different segments of a condo building. In some cases, for a single building, there will be multiple condo corporations. Although "dividing the building up" into several condo corporations can be more practical when governing multiple units, certain snags may arise. This is particularly true when it comes to the collecting of monies for shared expenses. Oftentimes, examples of shared expenses can include the followi