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Can a Commercial Tenant Break Rent During the COVID Pandemic? Beware of Tenant Breach

Image ** The contents of this article are the sole property of A aron Miller, Barrister & Solicitor , and are not intended to be used without the express permission of Aaron Miller, Barrister & Solicitor. The contents of this article are not intended to provide legal advice or constitute a legal retainer.       As you are likely aware, the COVID pandemic has been really tough for commercial tenants across Ontario. Declining revenues have made it more and more difficult for commercial tenants to pay rent. For a lot of small to medium size businesses, a loss of revenues, and a recalculation of budgeting money, has been extremely difficult. Meanwhile, tenant businesses unfortunately, have been faced with situations where their commercial landlords have either refused to engage in rent reduction, or have only minimally decreased rent (sometimes deferring rent payments till a later date). Regardless of the scenario that a commercial tenant faces itself wit